5 Different Signs You Can Use In Your St. Louis County Lobby

5 Different Signs You Can Use In Your St. Louis County Lobby

Lobbies can be hectic and sometimes ignored places. But they shouldn’t be. Make your St. Louis County lobby stand out and filter people in and out efficiently with these five different lobby signs.

1. Acrylic Signs Are Great For Identifying Your Business And Branding Your Lobby.

Acrylic signs have all the look and grace of a glass sign, but they’re cheaper and lighter, and therefore easier to install. The sharp and vibrant colors and graphics you can get by printing UV ink on to the cast polymer panel really stand out and grab people’s attention. If you manage a business in St. Louis county or nearby with a lobby, you should consider installing an acrylic sign with your company’s name on it to brand the space.

2. Dimensional Letters Make For Great Lobby Signs For Many Of The Same Reasons As Acrylic Signs.

Dimensional letters are 3D letters made of metal or plastic that can spell out the name of your St. Louis county business. The depth of dimensional letters allows for creativity and personality to be imparted to them in their design.

3. Office Lobbies Require Different Kinds Of Signage.

Engraved signs and signs made of brushed metal are excellent choices to give your St. Louis County office lobby a refined and professional look. These materials and styles of sign can be used to spell out your company’s name as well as indicate different offices, restrooms, elevators, and stairwells.

4. Floor Graphics Are A Distinctive Type Of Lobby Sign.

Floor graphics won’t work for every St. Louis County lobby, but if they can work for your space, you should consider them. Floor graphics are relatively rare, so they stand out when you see them. Floor graphics are also always visible; just look down and there they are! Floor graphics can be used to brand the space in your lobby or to provide directions and other information.

5. Don’t Forget Any ADA Signage Your St. Louis County Lobby Needs.

ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA laws mean your business could get fined if it does not have the proper signage in large enough fonts and possibly with braille. The ADA signs you need depend on the nature and size of your business and different jurisdictions can have different ADA regulations, so what’s needed in the lobby in the City of St. Louis might be different than St. Louis or Franklin County. Talk to a sign expert to learn more.

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