5 Different Signs You Should Consider For Your Lobby

5 Different Signs You Should Consider For Your Lobby

Lobbies are important places. Whether waiting in one or simply passing through, lobbies impart impressions of your business on all who enter them. You need a good a lobby and for that you need good lobby signs.

1. All Lobbies Should Display The Name Of The Business That Owns The Lobby. Acrylic Signs Make For Excellent Business Signs.

Whether you manage a modest residential building in Union, Missouri, or a large corporate firm in St. Louis, your lobby should, at the very least, identify itself. Acrylic signs are excellent tools for this job because they look great but they’re relatively inexpensive and easy to install. The polymer panel has the clean, modern look of glass without the unwieldy mass and printed UV-ink looks crisp and can use any color you want. From residential lobbies in Union to corporate headquarters in St. Louis, acrylic signs can look great in any lobby.

2. Dimensional Letters Are Great Lobby Signs For Those Who Want To Convey Depth And Texture.

If you use dimensional letters to spell out your Union business’s name, your business will look professional and successful. Most signs operate on a two-dimensional plane but by utilizing the third dimension, dimensional letters have more room to convey aspects of your Union-brand’s identity. Dimensional letters exaggerate any font you use; bold becomes bolder, classy becomes classier, and so on.

3. For Busy Lobbies, Consider An Electronic Sign.

If you manage a hustling and bustling lobby, an electronic sign can stand out in the crowd and really grab people’s attention. Electronic signs can overcome all the other visual stimuli. Neon signs have a warm, alluring glow, LED signs are bright, energy efficient, and long lasting, and digital lobby signs can scroll through different screens, thus are great for when you have a lot of information to reveal in your lobby.

4. In Order To Conduct Business Safely Right Now, You Need A COVID-19 Policy.

There’s no better place than your lobby to inform your guests and staff your coronavirus policies. Install some temporary COVID-19 signage in your lobby to help keep everybody safe.

5. Many Lobbies Are Required By Law To Have ADA Signage

ADA signs use large text and braille so that people with visual disabilities can read them. Consult a local sign company to see what ADA signs you need in St. Louis, Union, or elsewhere in Franklin or St. Louis County. The ADA lobby signs you need can depend on the size of your business, who you serve, and other factors.

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