6 Effective Outdoor Signs in St. Louis County, MO

6 Effective Outdoor Signs in St. Louis County, MO

Outdoor signs are functional and can create a nice aesthetic for your St. Louis, Missouri, business. Outdoor signs are also some of the most cost-effective promotional tools around. But what are the most effective outdoor signs?

1. Channel letter signs are powerful promotional tools.

Channel letter signs combine two things that make outdoor signs great: illumination and an engrossing shape. Channel letters signs are illuminated, so they can be seen on a snowy day in January or at night in July. This added depth of field gives sign designers more room to convey your St. Louis business’s character as well as making the signs more noticeable.

2. Vertical signs are great outdoor signs when space is tight.

In a busy city such as St. Louis, real estate is always at a premium. Many businesses don’t have the space for a large outdoor sign on their storefront. Vertical signs are large outdoor signs that expand along the Y-axis, where there is often much more room than there is going horizontally.

3. Sometimes having too much space is the problem. Many businesses in St. Louis County can benefit from having a monument sign.

Imagine a business in Wildwood, MO, that is situated far away from the nearest street. Being so far away, many people won’t notice an outdoor sign installed on the building; people will simply drive, cycle, or walk past the Wildwood business in question. However, a large monument sign installed closer to the street/sidewalk will get people’s attention and better identify the business.

4. Digital outdoor signs really grab people’s attention and can convey a lot of information.

By using an LED or LCD screen and e-paper, signage moves into the digital age. Digital outdoor signs use lighting, movement, and vivid graphics and are therefore effective at generating impressions. They can also convey more information than other outdoor signs. For example, a St. Louis restaurant can scroll through different pages of their menu.

5. Digital signs are effective, but not every business in St. Louis County has the budget for one. Window lettering is inexpensive but efficient.

Vinyl lettering installed on a shop window is a classic, easy, and affordable form of outdoor signage that is actually installed on the inside of the window, to protect it from the elements.

6. If window lettering isn’t big enough for your Wildwood business, try window film.

Window film is used for large-scale window signs. Tiny perforations in window film allow people inside to see out, but outside you see a beautiful window sign.

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