6 Outdoor Signs You Can Use In The St. Louis Area

6 Outdoor Signs You Can Use In The St. Louis Area

Getting noticed in a market such as St. Louis, Missouri, can be difficult. But your outdoor business signs can really help. Here are six outdoor signs your St. Louis-area business could use.

1. Channel Letter Signs Are Great For Identifying And Promoting Your St. Louis Business.

Whether your business is in the City of St. Louis or in the growing St. Louis County, you’re going to have a lot of competition. Marketing, promotion, and brand identity are all about getting your business noticed. There are many ways to do this, but an effective sign is one of the simplest and most affordable. Channel letters are three-dimensional letters made from metal or plastic. The added depth of field makes channel letter signs stand out better than two-dimensional signs and their illumination increases visibility.

2. LED Signs Generate More Impressions Using Efficient Technology.

One of the top choices of light fixture for a channel letter sign, or any other kind of outdoor sign, is an LED fixture. LEDs are brighter and more energy efficient than other types of light fixtures, and LEDs last longer. LED signs make your St. Louis business more visible in adverse weather and at night.

3. Digital Signs Allow You To Display Multiple Messages And Graphics.

LED technology can be used to make bright, efficient lights to shine on your outdoor signs. But they can also be used to create digital signs. LED or LCD screens can be used as high-tech sign panels. Cycle through multiple different messages, display eye-catching moving graphics, or show different pages of the menu of your St. Louis restaurant on an outdoor LED sign.

4. Vertical Signs Are Great For When Space Is Tight.

In crowded areas, such as downtown St. Louis, you can see a lot of vertical signs. Vertical signs are great when space is too limited for a traditional horizontally-oriented outdoor sign. Vertical signs are affixed to external walls of buildings and are meant to be read top down.

5. Window Graphics Are Great For Shop Windows.

Does your St. Louis area business have a big front window? Window graphics are great outdoor signs because they can really draw people inside your business. Window graphics and window lettering can both be very effective.

6. Monument Signs Are Great For When Your St. Louis Business Is Far Away From The Nearest Street.

If people can’t see your business from the nearest street or highway, they won’t come inside. Monument signs are standalone outdoor signs you can install on the lawn or parking lot closer to the street so passersby can more easily notice your business.

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