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Car WrapsWhat are car wraps?

Car wraps are thin vinyl coverings fitted to your vehicle that display custom logos, graphics, and messages. They’re equally popular among businesses owners, corporate clientele, and car enthusiasts looking to stand out on the road.

Car wraps come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, colors, and cuts, and Conover DeSIGNS carries them all!

Studies show cost-effectiveness of car wraps in Augusta

There is a huge body of research underlining the impact and affordability of car wraps compared to other advertising mediums. For instance:

  • Car wraps generate millions of passive impressions annually. Research by the American Trucking Association (ATA) estimated that a single car wrap produces more than 10 million impressions annually.
  • Car wraps are more cost-effective than other mediums. A media asset-value comparison conducted by 3M showed that car wraps cost roughly $0.48 per 1000 impressions–about 50x less than it cost to make the same impact with television ads!
  • Car wraps create unmatched opportunities for targeted marketing. The Cadbury-Schweppes Graphic Effectiveness Study showed how easily car wraps could target specific consumers via route optimization.Simply drive your car into target markets and get your message in front of precisely who you want.

Custom car wrap designs and services in Augusta

Conover DeSIGNS is a full-service car wrap company that offers a wide range of products and services, including:

  • Custom car wraps
  • Car magnets
  • Car decals
  • Car window film
  • Fleet branding / rebranding
  • Branding consultations
  • Custom logo and graphic design services
  • Car wrap installation and removal
  • Car wrap maintenance and repair, and more

Free car wrap quote in Augusta, MO

Conover DeSIGNS is a leading provider of car wraps, magnets, graphics, and decals throughout Augusta, and all the surrounding areas.

Call 636-751-5739 or visit the Contact Page to book your free consultation and get a quote today.

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