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Corporate Rebranding

What is corporate rebranding?

Research by the School of Economics and Management defines corporate rebranding as “the creation of a new name, term, symbol, design or a combination of them for an established brand with the intention of developing a differentiated position in the mind of stakeholders and competitors.”

Put simply, if you’re looking to change your established Augusta brand’s logo, graphics, colors, or signage for any reason, you’re seeking corporate rebranding sign services–and Conover DeSIGNS can help.

The value of corporate rebranding for Augusta businesses

The return on investment for corporate rebranding is borne out by numerous industry metrics. Studies have shown that corporate rebranding can infuse marketing efforts with relevance and vigor; separate brands from competitors; increase market reach and engage new audiences; attract top industry talent; and even allow companies to charge more for products and services.

When to consider corporate rebranding for your Augusta business

  • Your brand logo, graphics, or signage no longer reflects your vision
  • Your brand materials feel dated, stale, or unoriginal
  • You see value in competitive differentiation (i.e. emerging or established businesses use similar logos, colors, or signage)
  • Your business model or strategy has changed
  • You’re undergoing a merger or acquisition
  • You’ve moved or expanded outside of your original territory
  • You need to disassociate your business from negative press or brand image

No matter what your reasons for seeking out corporate rebranding signs, Conover DeSIGNS can help.

Signage and design options for corporate rebranding in Augusta

Conover DeSIGNS offers a wide range of custom signage products and corporate rebranding services, including:

  • Custom business signage
  • Custom vehicle wraps and graphics
  • Custom business banners, decals, stickers, and posters
  • Branding consultations
  • Custom logo design services
  • Custom graphic design services, and more!

We are one of Augusta’s only true one stop shops when it comes to corporate rebranding, offering an extensive catalog, multiple complementary services, and total product customization. We also assist with installation and can help you acquire any permits that may be needed to display your new brand materials.

Free corporate rebranding consultation and quote in Augusta

When Augusta-based businesses need rebranding services, Conover DeSIGNS is at the top of the list. Since we opened our doors for business, we’ve helped owners throughout Augusta and all the surrounding areas.

Visit Conover DeSIGNS or call 636-751-5739 to book your free consultation and get a quote on your corporate rebranding project.

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