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What are digital signs?

Digital signs are a sub-segment of electronic signs that use technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, and e-paper to display digital video, images, web pages, menus, and more.

Unique benefits of digital signs for Wildwood businesses

All digital signs qualify as “illuminant media,” which means they use light to convey their messages. This makes illuminant media almost impossible to miss and perfect for businesses operating at nighttime.

Because they have the capacity to showcase engaging video, images, and moving text, digital signs have also been shown to increase customer dwell time, which directly increases average customer spend.

Perhaps best of all, digital signs give owners endless options for creative ad copy. Any preexisting digital marketing materials (e.g. for your website or social media accounts) can be displayed with digital signs, effectively doubling the value of each piece of content. Moreover, creating new digital sign copy is easy–in most cases, if you can send an email or update a Facebook status, you’ve got the skills required to customize your digital signs.

Popular digital signs types in Wildwood, MO

Some of the most popular digital sign types include:

  • Digital posters
  • Free standing digital advertising displays
  • Ceiling mounted digital signage
  • LED signs
  • Digital restaurant signs
  • Digital vertical signs
  • Neon signs
  • Fluorescent signs
  • Incandescent signs
  • LCD/HID plasma signs
  • LED digital sign boards, and more!

Whatever kind of digital sign you’re looking for, Conover DeSIGNS can help. We carry all the most popular digital sign styles and enjoy exclusive access to a premium vendor network, so we can order anything not manufactured in-house!

Full-service digital sign company in Wildwood

In addition to our extensive catalog of digital signs, Conover DeSIGNS offers the following related services:

  • Digital sign installation support
  • Digital sign permit acquisition
  • Digital sign maintenance and repair services
  • Custom logo design and branding consultations

We are one of Wildwood’s only true one stop shops. Our goal is to offer everything needed for a flawless digital sign project under one roof to save you time and money.

Free quotes on custom digital signs in Wildwood, MO

Conover DeSIGNS is a leading provider of digital signs for businesses all over Wildwood, and the surrounding areas. We also serve clients nationwide through our online ordering process, though installation support may be limited to phone or email for out-of-state clients.

Call 636-751-5739 or fill out the fast contact form on the Contact Page to book your free digital sign consultation.

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