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Electronic SignsWhat are electronic signs?

The term “electronic signs” encompasses a wide range of modern illuminant sign media, including LCD, LED, projection, e-paper, and more. In some cases, electronic signs use simple text displays to convey messages, while others are basically indistinguishable from computer or television screens, capable of playing video, images, news feeds, and more.

But no matter what type of electronic sign you’re looking for, Conover DeSIGNS can help!

Unique benefits of electronic signs for Union businesses

In a digital age, we’ve learned to pay screens the utmost attention. Electronic signs let you capitalize on this new behavioral norm to get eyes on your brand message. Science says so: according to the Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study, electronic signs consistently outperform other forms of advertising.

As illuminant media, electronic signs also give you incredible visibility boosts, whether you operate by day or night.

Best of all, certain electronic signs basically eliminate the cost of new ad copy and creative. With certain electronic signs, creating new sign copy is as easy as updating your FaceBook status.

Popular electronic signs in Union, MO

Conover DeSIGNS carries an extensive selection of electronic sign options for business owners in Union and the surrounding areas. Among Union business owners, some of the most popular electronic sign types include:

  • Fluorescent signs
  • HID (high intensity display) signs
  • Incandescent signs
  • LED signs
  • Neon signs
  • Lighted signs
  • Digital display boards
  • Digital kiosks

Each of these electronic sign types offers unique advantages for your business, which a dedicated project manager will explain to you during your free consultation.

Free electronic sign quotes in Union, MO

Conover DeSIGNS is the proud provider of custom electronic signage for businesses big and small throughout Union, and the surrounding areas. We have helped numerous companies design and install high-performance electronic signage, and we can help you too.

Visit Conover DeSIGNS or call 636-751-5739 to book your free consultation and get a free quote from our team.

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