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Lighted SignsWhat are lighted signs?

Lighted signs used dedicated light sources to illuminate your brand message for all to see.

Coming in all kinds of sizes, styles, and price ranges, lighted signs are as versatile as they are visible, making them a popular choice among Warrenton business owners.

Unique benefits of lighted signs for Warrenton businesses

Day or night, lighted signs stand out, even in the most competitive stretches of the Warrenton signscape. Put your message in the spotlight–perhaps even literally–and you’ll see a significant increase in impressions and marketing reach.

Using premium lighted signs to display your message also helps create brand authority and awareness, both of which can increase consumer trust and conversions over time.

Furthermore, digital lighted signs can be used to display video, image slideshows, dynamic menus, news tickers, and plenty more that traditional signage can’t! These are all great ways to keep audiences engaged and increase time spent in-store.

Popular lighted sign styles in Warrenton, MO

Conover DeSIGNS carries all of the most popular lighted sign styles, including:

  • Cabinet signs
  • Halo lit channel letter signs
  • Digital signs
  • Monochrome LED signs
  • Neon signs
  • Commercial light up signs

Additionally, any traditional signs can be augmented with dedicated external lighting. Get in touch with our team to start a lighted sign consultation and access our full catalog.

Custom lighted sign services in Warrenton, MO

All lighted signs are completely customizable. Choose any sign size, shape, color, style, and technology, then work with our graphic design team to perfect your logo and layout. It’s a fun and easy process that produces great results. We will also teach digital sign buyers how to customize their own ad copy to enable fast and free sign updates for life. There’s no reason to settle for stock signage anymore.

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