What You Need To Know About LED Signs

What You Need To Know About LED Signs

LEDs have changed the lighting industry in the 21st century and LED signs are similarly changing the sign industry. If you manage a business in Missouri, here’s what you need to know about LED signs.

How Illumination Boosts Visibility. Higher Visibility Means More Impressions?

The goal of every sign design, manufacturing, and installation is to maximize visibility. There are other factors that obviously matter as well, but if people can’t see your sign, then what good is it? Visibility is paramount. One surefire way to increase the visibility of just about any sign is to illuminate it.

Illuminated indoor signs stand out better against other visual stimuli. But outdoors is where illumination really shines! (Sorry for the pun, but it really does.) Illuminated channel letter signs, vertical signs, and other building and commercial signage can generate a lot of impressions. If you install a sign on the exterior of your Union, MO, business, even a large one, without a light source, how is anybody going to see your business at night or in the rain or snow? Illumination will get you noticed.

Once You Have Decided To Illuminate A Sign, You Must Choose Which Source Of Illumination You Prefer.

Incandescent bulbs were the go-to form of lightbulb for decades but now they’re being phased out, especially for commercial purposes. They’re just far too inefficient. Fluorescent lights are more efficient, but they often give off a horrible bluish glow that will not do the sign outside your Union business justice. Neon signs do have a beautiful glow, but as they lose gas, they become duller over time.

If only there was a source of light that used energy efficiently, had a nice glow, and lasted a long time. Well, there is: LED lights. LED technology has advanced a lot in recent years and the quality of the color and light has increased. LED signs can generate tons of impressions for your Union business and will prove to be very cost-effective.

LED Signs Can Also Generate Impressions By Mimicking Movement.

If you want to attract people into you St. Clair bar or restaurant, an LED sign can do that. By lighting up different diodes, LED signs can portray movement. Use an LED sign to show glasses being raised outside your St. Clair bar. Or simply light up different letters outside your St. Clair restaurant to generate more impressions.

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