Your Window And Wall Graphics Options

Your Window And Wall Graphics Options

Windows and walls make for handy locations for signs and graphics. How can you most effectively use window and wall graphics to promote, brand, and organize your Missouri business?

Window And Wall Graphics Can Be Used For Many Different Purposes.

Managing a business or organization requires effective use of signage, and often, a lot of signs. The importance of signage and graphics often surprises new business owners but their ability to help create a well-organized and popular business makes them indispensable to many businesses in St. Louis and Franklin Counties. Window and wall graphics are often effective at delivering different messages and executing different objectives.

Window Graphics Are Often Used To Identify Businesses.

If you manage a small retail store in Wildwood, MO, you might not have a lot of space for a large outdoor sign to identify and promote your business. But you do probably have a shop window. Your storefront is the face of your business, so you need it to look good and to represent you accurately. Window graphics can achieve this expertly.

In this scenario, your window graphics must identify your Wildwood store, invite people inside, divulge important information, and do all of this while staying “on brand”, meaning you should use fonts, colors, and messaging that’s inline with the rest of your promotional material. Use window lettering to display the name of your Wildwood store along with other pertinent information, such as a telephone number, a web address, a slogan, or hours of operation. Use window graphics to display your Wildwood business’s logo or just something eye-catching that will grab people’s attention.

How Wall Graphics Are Most Often Used Internally?

Unlike window graphics, wall graphics will most often be seen by people who have already entered your business. Wall graphics are rarely used to entice people inside but can still be effective promotional and branding tools. By installing a wall graphic with your Washington, MO, business’s name and/or logo, you are branding the area and reminding people of where they are and who you are.

Wall graphics can also be used to set an atmosphere. If you are pediatrician in Washington, consider installing fun and colorful wall graphics to help the children relax. Digitally printed wallpapers are great for setting an atmosphere. A Greek restaurant in Washington can use digitally printed wall graphics of photos of Mykonos to set the right atmosphere. Wall graphics can also be used to deliver more functional information, such as directional signage.

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If you manage a business or organization in Wildwood, Washington, or elsewhere in St. Louis or Franklin Counties in Missouri, and would like to learn more about window and wall graphics, please contact us.


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